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It is an most exotic experience of your dream tour. It is 100% adventurous rather than an exotic water play. If you dare to dream, then come to us and have an experience of backwater cruises.

Camel Safari is a gift provided by nature. It is a memorable experience of desert site scene. No matter how old are you or where you come from but must experience it once in your life time.

A festival gives humanity an occasion to celebrate life with joy and gaiety. It is a beautiful way of breaking the monotony of everyday routine.

Festivals in India are related to almost anything that is important in life. And reducing them to into a comprehensive list is not an easy task.

Ayurveda, in Sanskrit means the - science of life. A traditional science of health that has been handed down through the centuries by ancient masters and physicians who understood the value of a healthy body. Today, the benefits of Ayurveda are recognised the world over.

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