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Austria is a small country, compact, easy to get to know, delightful to see. There is a spectacular scenery around every corner: vineyards, ancient castles and palaces open to visitors than any comparable area in Europe. Great museums and tiny country churches harbor the most significant art treasures from many periods and styles. There are capital cities like Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck with their sophisticated urban culture, the rich intellectual environment of their universities, their pulsating life, and strong economic background. Great artists like Beethoven, Mozart or Strauss have added charm and glory in the outstanding cultural heritage of Austria. There is also an exceptional countryside surrounding these cities. Picturesque lakes with crystal clear water inviting for swimming, surfing or sailing; hikers and bikers. This shows Austria can satisfy every taste and expectation.

General Information

Country : Republic of Austria
Capital : Vienna
Major Cities : Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and Linz.
Languages : German and English.
National Day : 26 October

Travel time by Coach, Train or Car:
Vienna-Salzburg: 3 Hours
Salzburg-Innsbruck: 2 Hours
Vienna-Innsbruck: 5 Hours



At the latitude of 47° North, the climate is moderate and generally agreeable. Summer days can be hot, but evenings are usually cool. Precipitation is quite evenly distributed over the entire year, but May, September and the first half of October tend to be the driest, April and November the wettest periods. From June through August, rain usually comes in the form of thunderstorms. The winter snow cover lasts from late December through March in the valleys.





Austrian Railpass : This pass is valid for travel through out Austria. Children between the age of 6-11 years are entitled for 50% of adult fare and children under 6 travel free but are not entitled to a seat. This pass also includes various bonuses. Basically the pass is valid for 15 days from purchase and can be used on three days of your choice within that period on all Austrian federal Railways, state and private rail lines.

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