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Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is famous around the world as an automobile city with the star and horse and as one of the most important economic locations, as a trade fair and congress city as well as a city of science.

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City tours & museum entries, palaces and leisure activities. Gives unlimited free travel on 3 consecutive days on all transport services of the Stuttgart regional transport network. Two children under the age of 17 can travel with you for free. Cost – 22 Euro

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Biggest automotive museum in the world. Provides insight into company history from evolution of engine and car by Karl Benz from 1880’s to current status.

Porsche Museum

Museum displays history of engine and vehicle development by Ferdinand Porsche. 80 of the best and most famous road and racing vehicles are on display here.


Germany’s only zoological and botanical garden is set in a historical park. Over 9,000 animals and around 1,000 species, outstanding landscaping and exhibition greenhouses, aquarium with a crocodile house and famous coral fish collection, farmyard with children’s zoo.

Stuttgart Excursion
Ludwigsburg Palace

Palace is located in Ludwigsburg (12kms/ 20 mins by train). One of the country's largest Baroque palaces, features an enormous garden in that style. First built as a hunting lodge later expanded from all the sides. It has been home for almost 200 years for 8 generations.