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It's not a traditional tourist destination, but it's an ideal transit point to other cities like Cape Town, Durban & Kruger National Park because of the presence of its International Airport.

Tourism Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qTsWpB939Y

Nelson Mandela Bridge

Fantastic place to enjoy views of the city. Its 248m long, one can drive across it or take a walk on one of the two pedestrian lanes

Shopping in Johannesburg

Johannesburg offers world class shopping options with very good quality diamonds. For general shopping one can go to 4th street in Parkhurst is known as 'Antique Alley' - a street bursting with all kinds of antique shops, handicrafts center & restaurants.

Excursions from Johannesburg
Lion Park

Situated about 45 minutes from Johannesburg city. Starting with caged enclosures that you can walk into to pet and fondle small cubs.

Wonder caves

It's a huge single-chamber cave with a number of intact stalagmites and stalactites and formations up to 50 feet high. An elevator takes regular guided tours all the way down.