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The geographical location of Lausanne could hardly be more picturesque. This is the Olympic capital situated on three hills with the Lake of Geneva bathing its feet and a garland of vineyards around its shoulders!!

Museum’s list

  1. Musee Cantonal d’archeologie et d’historie

    From the end of the Last Ice Age to the Bronze Age & From the Celts to modern times!! Fifteen thousand years of prehistory and twenty centuries of history are presented through a selection of typical objects, scale models and full size reconstructions.

    Musee Cantonal d’archeologie et d’historie
    Palais de Rumine
    Place de la Riponne 6

    Tel. +021 316 34 30
    Email: musee.archeologie@vd.ch
  1. Musee Monetaire Cantonal

    The Coin Collections:  Survey of the cantonal collections from Antiquity and the Middle Ages to the present day.  Coins from archaeological sites around the canton as well as from individual collectors.  Banknotes, dealers scales and books of rates of exchange, posters, money boxes – a panoply of artifacts recounting the monetary history of Europe, Switzerland and our region.  Also medals and seals from the Middle Ages to the present.

    Musee Monetaire Cantonal
    Palais de Rumine
    Place de la Riponne 6

    Tel: +021 316 39 90
  1. Musee Olympique

    The Mind Makes  Champion:  From  childhood dream to winning performance, the athlete’s journey is strewn with obstacles which, to be surpassed, require a special ability to keep the finishing line in sight and maintain one’s mental equilibrium.

    Musee Olympique
    Quai d’Ouchy

    Tel:+021 621 65 11
  1. Musee Cantonal de Geologie

    Hearts of Stone:  hearts of Stone invites us to open our hearts and minds to the delicate, intricate beauty of inorganic materials, where geometry and chemistry meet.  Hearts of Stone also reveals the fascinating and intense relationships between the dedicated scientists and the often tiny crystals that  capture their imagination.  It also gives us the opportunity to discover the amazing mineral diversity to be found in Switzerland.

    Musee Cantonal de Geologie
    Palais de Rumine
    Place de  la riponne 6

    Tel:+021 692 44 70
    E mail: musee.geologie@unil.ch


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