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enjoys a very special place in the agenda of the holidaymaker on a European tour. It's cool and pristine environment, it's breath taking scenery, it's climate whether winter, summer, spring or fall have always been evocative of pleasurable times in the lap of nature's bounty.

Swiss Tourism

Climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity. From July to August the day time temperature range is 18 to 27 degree Celsius and from January to February the temperature range is -1 to -5 degree Celsius. In spring and autumn a day time temperature range is 8 to 15 degree Celsius.More information



https://www.vfsglobal.ch/ switzerland/india

Airport office is open 24 Hours throughout the year. This service is already available in Mumbai & Chennai.

International Airports:

Zurich (ZRH) (Kloten) is 11 km from the city. Travel time is 20 minutes. Trains run every 15 minutes from under Terminal B. Taxies to the city are available and their travel time is 20-30 minutes Geneva (GVA) is 5 km northwest of the city. Taxies to the city are available. There is a regular train service to Geneva Cornavin Station. (Travel time is 8 minutes)
Bern (BRN) (Belp) is 9 km from the city. Travel time is 20-30 minutes. Bus service run for Bern to Zurich Airport. Taxies are also available. Basel (BSL) (Basel-Mulhouse) is 12 km from the city. Bus runs to Basel SBB Luftreiseburo. Taxies are available.

General Information

Capital : Bern
Time Difference: From 25th March to 27th October is -3 hrs and 30 min.
and from 28th October to 24th March is -4 hrs and 30 min.
Language : German, French, Italian and Roman

City Transportation System :
Cities and town offer an excellent transportation network (streetcar/bus). One has to buy their ticket from a vending machine that is located at every streetcar/bus stop. Tickets are not sold on the bus or streetcar. In case of an inspection, any person without a valid ticket has to pay a considerable fine in addition to the actual fare. The Swiss Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass are valid throughout the urban transportation net work.

Travel by Train:
The trains run on an hourly basis beginning early morning until midnight. Train connections are easy ,and usually requires a few minutes changing time. Point -to-point tickets as well as round - trip tickets are sold at every train stations in Switzerland. Seat reservations are only required on special scenic trains like The Glacier Express, Bernina Express etc.

Swiss Pass/Swiss Flexi Pass :
With a Swiss Pass one will be entitled to unlimited travel on the entire network of the Swiss Travel System. This includes the Swiss Federal Railways, Most Private Railroads, lake Steamers, Postal Coaches and the urban transit system in most cities. On most excursions to mountain tops a discount of 25% is granted. All Swiss Pass are valid on consecutive days. The Swiss Flexi Pass is valid for between 3 and 9 days during a month period. 15% reduction available with two or more passengers are travelling together. If travelling with parents on a family ticket, children upto 16 years of age travel free.




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