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If Switzerland has a logo, it would probably be a view of Alpine Scene. It would not, however, be just any Alpine Scene with the Matterhorn as its focal point. This dramatically shaped peak is one of the world's best known mountains and lying at the foot of this mountain is one of the best known mountain resort the village of Zermatt. Today Zermatt is a year round gathering place for international tourists and sports enthusiasts.

Suggested Itinerary

1st day
Arrive in Geneva, transfer by train to Zermatt (Approx. 3.1/2 Hrs), transfer to Hotel. Rest of the day free at leisure Dinner at hotel.
2nd day

Full Day excursion to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and Schwarzsee.
Depart from hotel after breakfast, on foot or with the green and yellow electric bus to valley base station at Furi.
Take Zermatt Bergbahnen (Cable way ) to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Enjoy 360° Panoramic view of numerous Alpine peaks. Explore Glacier Palace (open daily 0900 to 1500 Hrs.), admission free. Lunch can be had at Trockener Steg Cable way. Return to base station at Furi.
Ride the Matterhorn-Express Cable gondola to Schwarzsee. Enjoy the idyllic mountain lake.
Return to hotel Rest of the day free. Dinner at hotel.

3rd day

Day Excursion to Sonnegga Paradise and Rotohorn Paradise
Depart from hotel after breakfast on foot or with Green & Yellow electric bus to valley base station, Rotohorn Paradise
Take Cable car to Rotohorn and other mountain peaks. After lunch return to base station.
In the afternoon ride Gornergrat Railway in open Panorama cars traveling through wild romantic forests and breath taking ravines. At Gornergrat, feast the exquisite view of Matterhorn.
Return to hotel by evening. Dinner at hotel

4th day Return to Geneva or enjoy other parts of Switzerland

Gornergrat & Stockhorn :

There has been a perfect way to discover this most beautiful mountain ever since 1898. The Gornergrat-Monte Rosa Switzerland's first track railway, and the highest to run an open tracks in Europe. The train takes to the vast,snow covered slopes of the Gornergrat.

Price per person : Swiss France 24 Gornergrat to Stockhorn & Return (subject to change)


The Zermatt Bergbahnen is the largest aerial cableway company in Switzerland . In summer as in winter the cableways of Zermatt Bergbahnen transport guests to three different idyllic and impressive sightseeing peaks in Zermatt each have its own charm.

Matterhorn glacier paradise - Crown of Switzerland
An elevator builds into the mountain transports sightseers to the highest viewing platform in the Alps (3883 m.a.s.l.). A breathtaking 360 panoramic view of numerous giants of the Alps all more than 4000 m high can be seen in all their glory from the platform situated on the top of the Matterhorn glacier paradise (Klein Matterhorn).

The highest glacier palace in the world at the Matterhorn glacier paradise can be explored in a most spectacular way. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission free. A wine-tasting session with white wines from the Valais is held every week in summertime in the glacier palace at Matterhorn glacier paradise

Schwarzsee paradise- Touch the Matterhorn
The Matterhorn-Express is the latest cable gondola built by Zermatt Bergbahnen that bring guests from the bottom station to Matterhorn glacier paradise in only 12 minutes straight to Schwarzsee (2'583 m above sea level) at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn. Schwarzsee paradise is an idyllic mountain lake reflecting the mountain scenery only a few paces away from the cable car station with a small Chapel.

Rotohorn paradise - Best view of the Matterhorn
At Rotohorn the Matterhorn shows it's most photogenic side and an unforgettable view over 38 four thousand meter summits surrounding Zermatt can be enjoyed. The Peak Collection at the Rotohorn paradise is an exhibition which brings together art and the mountains in a unique way. An idyllic mountain lake can be reached within 20 minutes walking distance from Blauherd where the Matterhorn is reflected in the Stellisee.

Hiking in Zermatt
Zermatt has so many opportunities for hiking. There are numerous well signposted footpaths and walks (400 km) going through pine-scented mountain forests, to the shores of calm Alpine lakes and to the ice-blue glaciers. More than 1000 different species of plants adorn the lush mountain meadows above Zermatt (e.g. Edelweiss).

Sunrises Rotohorn paradise & Matterhorn glacier paradise
A few minutes after arriving at the top, the sky starts to get brighter and an unforgettable play of colours can be seen with a tremendous view of the mountain scenery. After the sunrise a delicious buffet is served in the Restaurants.

Special offers
Children up to the age of 9 travel for free! With the Matterhorn Pass you visit Matterhorn glacier paradise and Schwarzsee paradise within one day. For two days, choose the Panoramic Pass and go up to the Rotohorn paradise. The perfect ticket for all sport fans, from 3 days: skiing, snow-boarding, hiking and biking just as you fancy with the Sport pass!

Zermatt Bergbahnen AG
P.O. Box 378 . CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. +41 (0)27 966 01 01
Fax +41 (0)27 966 01 00
E-mail: matterhornparadise@zermatt.ch www.matterhornparadise.ch


"Rotohorn paradise" – Best View of the Matterhorn

The valley base station "Rotohorn Paradise" can be reached on foot from the train station or the entrance to the town in just five minutes. The underground funicular railway takes just four minutes to reach the " Sunnegga Paradise" (2288m above sea level), the sunny corner of Zermatt.

Right below the "Sunnegga paradise" station there is an observation post for groundhog surveillance. This is the place to find out how these cute rodents live where you can see them live and up close.

From "Sunnegga paradise" it's a seven-minute journey in a 4-person cable lift cabin to the Blauherd (2588m above sea level). Visitors will find the, Dwarves' Paradise' here, a leisure area with a wide range of activities and with barbecue facilities, for young and old alike. Blauherd is also the starting point for the marmot trail.

From Blauherd to the "Sunnegga paradise", various wooden sculptures depict the lives of the groundhogs.From Blauherd there's a 5-minute trip with the Panorama lift to the "Rotohorn Paradise" (3100m /10178ft above sea level). At the "Rotohorn paradise" there's the Peak Collection and a mountain restaurant with a wonderful open air patio.

The Best View of the Matterhorn
Seen from Rotohorn, the Matterhorn is most photogenic. This vantage point also offers a fantastic view of the 38 peaks which rise above 4000m in the Zermatt region.

The Peak Collection
The Peak Collection exhibition on the Rotohorn Restaurant - explains the history and tells stories about the mountains surrounding Zermatt. Explanations are available in German, English, French and Japanese. A Peak Collection visit lasts about 30 minutes.

Lake Stellisee
An idyllic lake which can be reached in just 20 minutes from the Blauherd station. The Matterhorn can be seen in impressive reflections on the lake.

Marmot trail
A pleasant trail takes you past several marmot families. Five wooden sculptures with info plaques illustrate the lives of these rodents. Just below the "Sunnegga paradise" station there's a marmot observation post. Here are all the opportunities and information you need to see these creatures up close.

Hiking suggestions:
Stellisee and marmot trail

Distance: 3 Km
Walking time: 11/4 h
Difficulty: easy


Your visitors will never forget their journey to Gomergrat with the Gornergrat Railway.
A fantastic view of 29 four-thousand meter peaks in the fascinating mountain world surrounding Zermatt awaits them at the top station 3089 meters (10039 feet) above sea level. Gornergrat, with its unique offering, is fascinating in summer and winter. For example, how about a sunrise trip or an extended hike with the Matterhom as your backdrop?

• Igloo village of Zermatt at 2700 meters above sea level near by Gornergrat.
• Nordic-Walkingtrails between Riffelalp and Gornergrat (summerswinter).

Open Air Enjoyment to Gornergrat
In our open panorama car (seating for 60), you travel through wild, romantic forests, cross breathtaking ravines, and glide over blossoming meadows to Gornergrat. During the forty-minute journey, you have time to discover and experience the Matterhom all over again.

Evening trip to Gornergrat
An evening trip to Gornergrat is simply unforgettable. This can be complemented by any hors d'oeuvre your heart desires. We would also be happy to send to you an offer for a relaxing journey to Gornergrat with the Gornergrat Railway under romantic, fascinating moonlight, for an exciting torch-lit ski run, hairy sled ride, and much, much more. Our partners along the route will tastefully cater to your needs along the route.

Riffelberg Mountain Restaurant
Seating for 400 in the restaurant with additional seating for around 200 on the terrace with its wonderful 360° view.

Chami Hitta/Alphitta Toni and Freddy/ Ritti
These charming restaurants with seating for 60 indoor and around 100 on the terrace offer a Gornergrat, with its unique offering, is fascinatingrelaxing stop on the lower Riffelalp.
Kulm Hotel and Gornergrat Restaurant
Seating for 250 inside and another 250 outside awaits your visitors at this unique location high above the Gorner Glacier.
Alexandre Restaurant
This exclusive five-star establishment in the Riffelalp Resort satisfies the most demanding tastes before an imposing backdrop. (Seating for 80 inside and another 80 outside).

We would be happy to assist you in any way and also prepare an offer tailored to your requirements.

GGB Gornergrat-Monte Rosa-Bahnen
Nordstrasse 20 . CH-3900 Brig .
Tel. +41 (0)27 921 41 11
Fax +41 (0)27 921 41 19

E-mail: info@ggb.ch

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