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Thailand is a country of fun-loving people. While chaos is a way of life in cities, the temples, ruins and deserted townships repose in solitary splendour on the outskirts. It is a world where beach resorts bristle with activity, Phuket. while tiny islands around then beg to be explored. The best way to get a feel of the country and all its attractions is to visit Bangkok, explore the cities around and relaxing at the ever popular beach resorts of Pattaya and Phuket.

General Information

Capital: Bangkok
Time: (+) 1 hrs
Languages: Thai, English, Malay and Chinese
National Day: 05 December (King's Birthday)

Thailand tourism



Visa Processing Center: VFS (Visa Facilitation Service).

For more information, please contact at: contact@govantravels.in


Thailand is known for its silk and cotton based fabrics which includes, upholstery fabrics and handicrafts. Beautiful Thai silk scarves from the North East of Thailand, it has many beautiful attractive designs and colors as you can see in the picture. It is 100% hand-woven silk, smooth, light and easy care. Please come to inside Thai silk scarves world. Handmade cotton garments are mainly manufactured from high quality garment factories in Chiengmai or other provinces who are the leaders of handmade cotton.

Thailand has a wide range of gems which could be an eye opener for many of us. Precious stones like ruby, sruby, blue sapphire and yellow sapphire are the most widely seen in this country.